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Working at Bliss takes passion. Whether you are baking bread, making sandwiches or delighting customers it comes from the heart.

Bliss offers different opportunities for people who want to do what they love.

To be part of our baking and bistro team you need to love food. Fresh ingredients and new flavours should excite you. You should bring a passion for quality and a desire to impress our guests. The roles start early in the morning so be prepared, you'll need a car and a good alarm clock. Bakers start at 8pm and our bistro team starts at 3am  to have everything fresh for our stores and catering clients.

Our delivery driver may start as early as 3:30am to ensure our delicious food is in the store and ready for our first guests of the day.

If you love people and like to make them smile you'll want to be part of our service team. If you are passionate about coffee, even better! Our service staff and baristas set Bliss apart and make our guests' experience memorable.

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